What is Facebook Live? Facebook Live is a feature that allows users to broadcast live with video formats. It is rumored that the latest feature in Facebook that Live Streaming can only be used by celebrities and also some selected users only. But now, this feature can already be used by all Facebook users. Maybe for you who do not know how the work of this feature is certainly the same as the application installed on Twitter that is Periscope. Where in this case the users can broadcast live activities with video calls to all friends who are on Facebook. Visit our website to buy facebook live video views.

With this latest feature, of course, makes the development of Facebook increasingly loved by Internet users. No wonder if Facebook is still a favorite social media, although it quite long exists in the digital world. How to use facebook live video, of course, you just need to find the icon written “New Record and Share Live Video”. If you have not found it can directly menu to the icon located beside “Check In” because it is hidden.

Once you find it, just click the stream icon then later Facebook will ask for permission to you to use the microphone and also the camera, then you can just click “Continue”. After that, you can manage video privacy, and whether it can be watched by everyone or just your friends. When the broadcast is in progress, as for the viewer’s information will be visible at the bottom of the video. This information will contain anyone and how many viewers will see your video.

Although there is no time limit from the side of Facebook with Live Streaming existence, they suggest a better connection so that the broadcast is not interrupted. Unfortunately, the number of viewers who can see is limited. As for the comparison with Periscope, Facebook Live Streaming has a lack of notification or notification. If Periscope tells all your followers, Facebook does not tell your friends about the ongoing broadcast.

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